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Hate shopping malls on Sunday

Ufo, English


I ought to write para Ingleso mor often.

Sunny Sunday. All nice'n shit. Calm.

Reminds me of lonely days in Chicago. Floors crowded with so many peeps, yet feeling of loneliness was ever overwhelming.

Princess Peach is out today on some training seminars. Didn't want to stay at home. Went to a book store. Yet again, filled with so many human entities and yet I felt estranged.

Introvert for a day.

So I gotta pass Polish driver's license exam soon. Just bought a book. Hope I can untangle this intricate maze of regulations. US dl is so contemptuously easy in comparison to this one. But I gotta no choice. Just to pass this damn thing. Makes me feel like I'm not the sharpest knife in a drawer, you know. PP is putting pressure on me to get it done. Truthfully, I've wasted enuff time already.

Moving onto other things...

U like stuff'bout UFO's? I do! Just as I was reading about supposedly UFO sightings right before the earthquake in Japan, I came across this article:


Guy basically lays it out in plain English, that the Government is not telling the truth. And he just happens to be the former Lockheed Martin (now Boeing) employee. Now, is it all true? I don't know... but damn, this guy is an interesting fella! Better yet, read this:

Disclosure Military and Government

I was hooked and read it in one day!


Meanwhile I'm still hooked on World of Tanks!

komentarzy: 1213 marca 2011, 15:24

6 komentarzy do tego wpisu:

Arande : 13 marca 2011, 16:02

Leave tanks and come play some WoW with me! :)

NintendoPassion : 15 marca 2011, 11:15

But WoW is too expensive for me at this time. I like it dough, now that U & Prosiaq showed me how to play it. I'll see about it.

Validus : 14 marca 2011, 14:22

So far it seems like peeps bounced off this entry like missiles on PzKpfw's armour :D

NintendoPassion : 15 marca 2011, 11:17

U'r soo damn right, bro! My Engrish scares peeps off! 2 bad. I don't write for masses. I write for the few... thx for the comment anyway!

Cascad : 14 marca 2011, 16:10

cool story bro

NintendoPassion : 15 marca 2011, 11:16

My story is rather sad :P

TitusCruz : 15 marca 2011, 10:44

Good luck on driving exam.
I suppose that writing in english is easier to You - am i right?
PS So little comments;)

NintendoPassion : 15 marca 2011, 11:17

I'm scared shitless!

Caymanpl : 15 marca 2011, 16:48

This text is beneficial for both sides;) Great idea with English on your 'playsite'. You should do this more often. But must say that after entry here I tought I'm on your NintendoPassion.com site;P Good luck with dl.

NintendoPassion : 15 marca 2011, 19:12

I wouldn't be so sure it's beneficial. I'd sure hope so, but it seems as ppl'r scared of commenting :P As I had mentioned earlier, Engrish is NOT that scary!

Caymanpl : 15 marca 2011, 20:28

Not that scary for those who understand:) Btw I'm looking for first person who write something in polish below this text.

kuba9876543210 : 17 marca 2011, 19:43

didn't know you were conspiracy theorist
some make a hell of a lot of money from folks like you. :p
not enuff evidence for me to believe in aliens visiting our planet earth
but that doesn't mean i don't believe in the existence of extraterrestial life forms
look how big is our universe:
there must someone else out there ;)
i don't see no reason to translate "gramsajt" into "playsite"
just call it a "blog" :P

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